About Me

This is where I get to info-dump all the things about myself that no one really gives a shit about. Uninterrupted!

I'm a musician, programmer, pedal-builder, addicted to learning things and call-in radio.

Right now I'm doing these things: Forth, Go, PureData, releasing some new albums, building guitar pedals, and re-examining my assumptions about America.

Github is here. StackOverflow is here. Projects are here. My dumb Twitter is here.

My Engineering Values (or hot takes, or naive delusions ... whichever you prefer)

Books I've Read and Liked During the Great Quarantine of 2020

The Ones I Admire

The Podcasts I Need

My Favorite Steven Wright Jokes

I lost a buttonhole today.

One time the police stopped me for speeding. They said, "Oh, you know the speed limit is 55 miles an hour?" I said, "Yeah, I know. But I wasn't going to be out that long".