node-help is an iPython-inspired Node.js REPL designed for offline use. It uses the experimental Node.js JSON API to provide documentation on Node runtime objects in various levels of detail. It's useful when you're on an airplane. Supports Node major releases 8, 9 and 10.


NoTask is yet another task application, but it's themable and works offline! It uses the Local Storage API by default, but you have the option of syncing your data with Google Drive. This is the first of the edible interfaces suite of free, lightweight, progressive web app utilities.


Nullwerk is my first foray into building web instruments. It's a monophonic synthesizer built with Vue2.0 and the Web Audio and Web MIDI APIs. If you have Chrome 43 or above, or Opera 33+, go a head, plug your MIDI controller into your computer and give it a try.


superdir is a project scaffolding tool with a simple objective: turn a textual representation of a file tree into a real file tree. It accepts a configuration file to provide additional control, allowing you to specify pre-existing source files to copy into a target destination.


terminal-weather is a minimal command-line tool for displaying the current weather in your location, optimized for rapid re-rendering in your terminal prompt.


tl is a minimal command-line task list application written in Go.